Cyber Monday Follows Black Friday

Internet usage always jumps when we return to work, and the same was true for online shopping.

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Cyber Monday is the tag that's been given to the Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. It's supposed to be the biggest online shopping day, as everyone returns to the office and shops on the Web.

Reports throughout the day indicated that this year would be no disappointment. Akamai, whose servers help online retailers handle large crowds, said more than 300 retailing websites that it tracked were drawing 4.6 million visitors per minute. That would be a new record for single-day traffic. And the National Retail Federation said it expected 72 million people to shop online Monday, compared with about 60 million last year.

It's that retail trade group that came up with the "Cyber Monday" tag a couple of years ago. But others say it's hardly the busiest online buying day of the year. Internet retailers should expect even bigger days on December 7 and 10, according to the folks at Yahoo! Shopping.

Those, too, are Mondays. Apparently, we find more time to shop at the office than at home. Or, rather, they do—I, of course, am too busy working.