Cricket Boosts Laptop Ergonomics

This inexpensive helper folds up no bigger than a pocket umbrella.

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The Cricket comes in green, white or charcoal.
The Cricket comes in green, white or charcoal.

With laptops selling faster than desktops, it's clear that a lot of us are scrunching over keyboards on the run. The simple and inexpensive ($40) Cricket Laptop Stand could help save a few neck aches.

When the Cricket goes on sale next month, its best selling point will be its simplicity. Three bars unfold to form a tripod, with two grasping the laptop and the third boosting the PC into the air a bit. The pivot that holds the three arms together makes it easy to adjust the height, and rubberized ends make it feel secure and rugged.

Best of all, the Cricket folds into a small package that's about 8 inches long and a couple of inches wide—plenty small enough to throw into a laptop bag.

That's all good. But you'll need to add the weight of a keyboard and a mouse to plug in. The keyboard, in particular, is too awkward to use when a laptop gets propped at an upward angle. An extra keyboard and mouse add to the cost. But the Cricket is a simple and flexible laptop stand at a reasonable price, and a little pain in the pocketbook is better than one in the neck.