Retrevo Helps With Tech Shopping

This search site finds and organizes info on products, including buying guides and data.

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I retrieved an old friend the other day and found that Retrevo has added an impressive new feature. The search site now helps tech shoppers, as well as tech users.

Retrevo is one of a number of search sites that try to beat Google at its game. Since its launch a year or two ago, Retrevo has been great for tracking down user manuals, forum chats, and other help in decoding today's gadgets. Type in a make and model, and Retrevo pulls up a list of sites that is better organized than anything from Google or Yahoo!, and more thorough.

But I hadn't needed Retrevo's help in several months, or so I thought. In that time, the site added a shopping service that can cut through the clutter of the massive tech market. It quickly narrows product searches and pulls up data on pricing and popularity.

It isn't perfect. In looking at camcorders, for example, I can't find a way to quickly ID which can capture HD-quality video. But the shopping service is smart, data-packed, and easy to use. Retrevo is a friend I'll visit more often.