Circuit City's Offer to Take My HD DVD Drive

Nice gesture, but the numbers don't add up to a good deal.


I'm not biting. Circuit City is quietly offering to let customers return their HD DVD players and apply the cost toward one that plays the Blu-ray format, which recently won a two-year format war. The offer covers any HD DVD drive bought in the past 90 days. It's a nice gesture by Circuit City.

But the math doesn't work.

A low-end Blu-ray player costs $400 at Circuit City. My HD DVD drive cost me about $100 a few months back. So I'd pay $300 for the upgrade.

For now, I've got HD DVD disks that I can rent from Netflix. And by the holidays, even Sony's Blu-ray drives should cost only $300 or so. Cheaper players could be as little as $200 by then.

I'll wait. The HD DVD drive does a good job of upconverting standard DVDs. Plus it's supposed to play my home videos in high definition, though I haven't tried it yet. It'd be nice if I can burn a few minutes of HD-quality video to a standard DVD and play it in the HD DVD drive.

Seems like a keeper, even if it is a loser.


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