Reports: Beatles to Sign First With iTunes

Apple Corps deal would boost Apple Inc.’s digital music store.

The Beatles may soon be featured at iTunes.
The Beatles may soon be featured at iTunes.

The iTunes store may get a shot in the arm if reports are true the download service will be the first to get tunes from the Beatles' label, Apple Corps. The U.K. Telegraph reported that Paul McCartney has struck a $600 million deal to sell Apple music to Apple (OK, couldn't resist that).

Apple's relationships with U.S. music studios have gotten testy. The U.S. record companies, struggling with the shift to digital downloads, have actively explored alternatives to iTunes. The music execs bristle at the pricing structure set by Apple, including flat rates for all tunes. The studios want to try other approaches and are particularly intrigued by subscription services.

It's unclear if the deal with iTunes would be exclusive, and if so, for how long. It comes after the Beatles' label settled a suit last year with the computer company over the use of the Apple name.

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