Adobe Moves Photo Editing Online

Photoshop Express also offers free Web-based storage and sharing.


Adobe went live today with its free photo-editing and storage site called Photoshop Express. The site looks promising, with the biggest range of editing options I've seen for any online service.

You can do the basics, like get rid of red eye, crop, and rotate. Or you can dive in to adjust white balance and hue and try to "pop color," which switches one color's hue with another. Not sure when I'd ever use it, but it was fun to play with.

All of the tools also offer a quick snapshot of six different levels of applying the adjustment. That makes it easier to decide how aggressively you want to apply a change—say, saturating or dimming colors.

The site offers 2 GB of free storage, and it partners with other sites such as Facebook and Photobucket to edit photos stored there.

Photoshop Express seemed to operate more slowly today than I would have hoped. But it is technically a beta test, and first-day demand was probably high. We'll have to check back in a week or two.


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