Can BitTorrent File Sharing Also Save Comcast?

The cable company joins Verizon in hugging peer-to-peer networks.

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First, Verizon said it would embrace file-sharing networks rather than fight them. Now Comcast, the nation's biggest cable company, is joining the love fest.

Like Verizon, Comcast says that cooperating with BitTorrent and other file-sharing services could ease congestion on the Internet. Some Internet providers have complained that video hogs using the file-sharing networks could clog the Internet.

That Verizon joined hands with file sharing probably forced Comcast to do the same. The two companies compete for broadband customers in many markets.

Comcast also felt pressure from the government. The top Internet regulator recently rapped Comcast's knuckles for throttling BitTorrent downloads and has threatened new rules to govern how Internet providers can manage their networks.

Oh, please, no, Comcast said in its release today: "Both BitTorrent and Comcast expressed the view that these technical issues can be worked out through private business discussions without the need for government intervention."