Women Like Tech That Adds Time Control

Convenience of recorded and streamed TV shows is more popular with women than with men.

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Women are outracing men in adopting some technology, especially gadgets and services that offer scheduling convenience, according to a recent survey.

More women, for example, are streaming shows from TV network sites—15 percent, compared with 11 percent of men. Women also use their digital video recorders, like TiVo, more often than men, about 9.3 times a week vs. 8.3 times. DVR-owning women with kids watch 56 percent of their TV after it has been recorded, versus 42 percent for men.

Men still dominate many tech categories, including video downloading and console gaming. But about as many women as men are playing PC games, as well as networking socially and shopping online. And women over the age 40 who are "empty nesters" outshop men, with 64 percent of them making online buys versus 58 percent of men.

The survey came from about 2,000 interviews with online women conducted by analysts for Solutions Research Group, which tracks consumer attitudes on entertainment, media, technology, and leisure.