A Simple New Phone for Seniors

Big screen, big buttons, and amplified sound for aging consumers.

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An emergency button is recessed.
An emergency button is recessed.
A bit of refreshing news amid the hoopla over sophisticated, multifunction cellphones taking over the world: a simple phone for seniors. The ClarityLife will operate with a big screen, big text, four simple buttons, and amplified sound.

That covers the sight, touch, and hearing that fade as we get older. And as a bonus, the phone is no clunker. The simplicity lends itself to a clean, sleek look.

A keypad does slide out when needed. That's about as complicated as it gets. No camera, GPS, messaging, music, video, or the other features being lathered onto ever smaller handsets.

ClarityLife does add one interesting feature, an emergency button on the back of the phone. Hit the recessed red button and the phone starts dialing five preset contacts, cycling through until it reaches someone. A siren sounds on the phone to make sure the owner knows the emergency calls are underway.

The phone comes from a division of Plantronics called Clarity, which sells other communications products for the aging population. Clarity says it doesn't have pricing yet for the phone, which won't be available until late summer. But ClarityLife will come without a long-term contract, another nice touch of simplicity.


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