ZeeVee Offers Another Media Player With a Twist

The box puts PC video and other content onto a free channel on the home’s cable TV system.

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ZeeVee offers yet another box to link a PC to your TV, à la AppleTV, but with an interesting twist: Its ZvBox ties the computer to the existing co-ax cable that already carries cable TV around your house. Whatever is playing on your computer becomes just another channel on your cable lineup.

So, in theory, it offers the reliability and high-def bandwidth of a wired connection without having to tear open walls and run new cable.

ZeeVee is calling it "localcasting." Software on the box finds an unused channel on your cable system and adds the output from the PC. The ZvBox also comes with a radio remote that can control the PC from as far away as 150 feet.

The $500 box is scheduled to ship at the end of June and can be preordered through Amazon.


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