Bountii Alerts Buyers to New Prices on Electronics

Site will also pay a bounty to shoppers who find a better price at reputable stores.

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Finding the best price on electronics is daunting. Any number of sites let you compare prices, but Bountii will automatically alert you of a newer and lower price.

Bountii will relay price quotes on any product you want as an RSS feed, making it easy to see the cheapest price the site finds. It's just one of Bountii's unusual features as it tries to distinguish itself among dozens of online shopping sites.

Another is the bounty (hence the name) paid on certain products if you can find a less expensive quote at a reputable store. You won't get rich quick—Bountii today is offering payments of $6 or less on about 15 products.

Bountii searches only about 100 stores, meaning you won't necessarily find the cheapest price out there. "We intentionally keep this number small," writes cofounder John Puskarich in an E-mail, "to ensure that our shoppers have a great buying experience."

In turn, Bountii unearths some better prices at those stores than do other search engines. Its search will uncover hidden prices, such as those that first require you to put an item in your shopping cart.

Bountii isn't the end-all in shopping sites. But it's a good tech tool in the search for good tech.