Breeze Cellphone Can Be Just That for Seniors

AT&T's new handset appeals to new—and easily confused—wireless customers.

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The Pantech Breeze's 1-2-3 buttons call dedicated numbers.
The Pantech Breeze's 1-2-3 buttons call dedicated numbers.

Another cellphone that's potentially good for seniors has hit the market. AT&T touts the Pantech Breeze as an uncomplicated handset with large buttons, large type on its screen, and easy-to-use menus.

But it's hardly as stripped down as others, including the ClarityLife, which was announced recently and is aimed directly at the older set. AT&T instead says the Breeze can appeal to any first-time phone user, including youngsters who still might want some of what today's wireless wonders can offer. That includes text messaging, the ability to download ringtones, and a camera that can also take video. Also, like some models under the Jitterbug brand, the Breeze includes a full keypad.

But like others aimed at seniors and juniors, the Breeze has dedicated buttons that can be programmed to call certain numbers. The Breeze includes three of the buttons for reaching loved ones or caregivers. They seem a great addition for melting the potential confusion caused by modern cellphones, whether someone is beset with an emergency or just easily muddled.

The phone is selling, after rebate, for $50 with a two-year contract and $125 without one.

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