Toshiba: Free HD DVDs Will Be Late

Delayed rebate fulfillment seems like an extra punch after the demise of the next-generation format.


To add injury to insult, Toshiba tells me that I won't get my free HD DVD movies until sometime in the fall.

Toshiba and Microsoft had added the five free DVDs in one of their last-ditch efforts to pump sales in the fight over the next-generation disk format. They also cut prices to about $100 just before the holidays.

That was low enough to convince me the players were a decent buy, even if their format looked to be losing to Blu-ray, which it did. I didn't care too much about the free DVDs, which mostly offered lackluster titles.

Still, I winced when Toshiba sent me a card the other day. "Unfortunately due to such high demand your shipment will be delayed." It seems sad to have to stretch this out further. Can't they get anything right?