New Firefox Browser Promises Speed and Stability

Version 3.0 is available today, but will part of us miss the cleansing of Firefox's periodic crashes?


The new Firefox browser is scheduled to be available today for download. I had grown frustrated with the most recent version, which would lock up several times a week. Version 3.0 seems much more stable. That's a good thing—I think.

Yes, it was irritating to have Firefox crash in the middle of a busy day. I might have 25 windows open, most of them with two or more tabs. Suddenly, they were gone. Most of the time I could get them back with the "session restore" feature. But not always. Once every couple of days, Firefox would crash, and all the windows would be gone. Painful.

So I'm going to download the new Firefox as soon as I can, which may not be today, judging from how busy Mozilla's servers are. Still, I'm tossing out the usual caution about waiting for early bugs to be fixed. The new version seems to be more about stability, speed, and security—though it does include new features.

Then again, part of me will miss the crashes. They are like a good cleaning. Many windows are open to pages I intend to read or study closely—as if I'll find the time. There they sit, nagging me as I tab through looking for something specific. In reality, I don't miss them once they're closed. They're like stacks of unread magazines on the floor that are soon forgotten once they're pitched into recycling.

Now Firefox promises to be more stable. Fine. Who's going to pitch my unread Web pages?


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