Study Says GPS Makes for Safer Drivers

Commissioned by TomTom, study says drivers are more relaxed and alert with automated routing.


I've wondered if slapping a navigation device above my dashboard is a safe move. Convenient, yes, but it seems to be another distraction in the car's cockpit.

Relax, says a study commissioned by GPS maker TomTom. In fact, drivers appear more relaxed with a device guiding them, as well as more in control and more alert. That's even though many admit to fiddling with the GPS while driving.

Americans are especially bad about messing with the device in traffic. Only a third of us claim that we never operate the GPS while behind the wheel. That compares with nearly two thirds of Brits and Spaniards.

Sorry, TomTom, but I'm not sure I buy that I'm a safer driver with GPS. Perhaps. If I can keep my fingers off it while driving. Oh, yeah, as a bonus, the study says I'll at least save gas with more efficient routes.