McCain, Obama Camps Bore Us in Twitter Debate

This piece of Web 2.0 offers no revolution for politics.


The five-word limit on acceptance speeches at the Webby Awards often encourages creative hilarity. So it seemed it might be fun to Twitter-limit the Obama and McCain campaigns to 140-character retorts in a debate on tech policy.

It isn't.

Following the still-running debate on Twitter is like watching a Ping-Pong match with contestants in different rooms. Or like trying to switch back and forth between different channels, as Peter Kafka put it at Silicon Valley Insider. It gets a little easier on a Tweetboard that lays out a grid of the three participants, one from each camp and original Wonkette Ana Marie Cox as moderator.

She also seems to be the only one having much fun. The serious wonks didn't find room to be funny. At best, they've just been snippy in their snippets.