Bamboo Makes Fabrik Drive Eco-Friendly and Rather Fetching

Woody panel gives the external drives a different look, and helps make them recyclable.

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Bamboo and aluminum make for a recyclable case.
Bamboo and aluminum make for a recyclable case.

Corrected on 7/31/08: An earlier version of this blog incorrectly reported the capacity of the drive. It is 500 gigabytes.

Going green can also make for a better looking gadget, judging from a new external drive from Fabrik. The drive maker has added bamboo to the case for the "SimpleTech [re]drive," which the company also claims can cut energy usage by 90 percent over some competitors.

Bamboo is a favorite among some environmentalists, who say it makes for more sustainable wood because of how fast it grows. It also makes for a rather fetching drive, judging from the photos that Fabrik distributed.

The rest of the case is made of recyclable aluminum. The energy savings mostly come from an efficient power supply and fanless cooling.

All that, and Fabrik claims the drive even operates more quickly through a "Turbo USB" connection. The 500-gigabyte drive carries a suggested price of $160.