Small Dell Desktops Tout Energy Savings and Look Good

Hybrid line emphasizes conservation but packs enough power to play DVDs and Web video.

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Optional case sleeves come in six colors or bamboo.
Optional case sleeves come in six colors or bamboo.

Dell touts its small Hybrid desktops as also being "green" PCs. But we like the other colors, too.

The big computer maker launched the line of stylish desktops with dorm desks clearly in mind. The company notes in promotional materials that the Hybrids are about the "size of a collegiate dictionary."

But are they attractive enough in their 95 percent recyclable cases that come in six colors to sit on a shelf beneath the home TV? They aren't meant as gaming machines but pack plenty of power to play DVDs or Web video.

Oh yeah, bamboo is another case option, much like the Fabrik drive that has its own green credentials. Dell says the new PCs consume about 70 percent less power than a typical desktop does.

They start at $500.


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