Network Magic's Charm Won't Vanish Into Cisco

Networking giant will still sell software while also bundling it with routers.


Cisco has bought Pure Networks, whose software I've recommended to friends, family, and even my bosses. Nothing's foolproof when computers are involved, but Network Magic usually makes it easier to get PCs talking to each other.

Cisco already plugs some of Network Magic's magic into its routers. In buying the whole company, Cisco says it's prepping for the home audio and video devices that will be connecting to each other and to the Internet, what Cisco calls "Home Networking 2.0."

In reading the press releases, I saw no indication if non-Cisco customers could still buy Network Magic. But a Cisco spokeswoman assures me that it will continue to sell the product as stand-alone software, while also bundled with Cisco/Linksys routers.


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