Prediction: Blu-ray Will Unseat Standard DVDs

Futuresource analysts say new format is gaining traction after vanquishing HD DVD.

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Today brings a more upbeat forecast for Blu-ray. The high-def disks are gaining traction and will outsell standard DVDs by 2012 in the United States, at least in dollar value, says Futuresource Consulting.

U.S. consumers could buy 45 million of the disks this year, or about four times as many as last year, the group says. Sales will accelerate as players creep down in price, with Futuresource echoing earlier predictions that the holiday season could see a Blu-ray player for as little as $200.

Analysts remain divided on Blu-ray's future despite its winning the format war against HD DVD. Some predict that the disks don't offer enough for consumers to make the expensive upgrade, particularly in the face of new competition from digital downloads and other sources.


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