It Still Takes Smarts to Snag a Wii

They don't stay in stock long—iTrackr finds one at a local store.

It takes the right tools to bag a Wii.
It takes the right tools to bag a Wii.

I finally jumped into the "Find a Wii" game, and iTrackr came through. Despite reports (mine included) that the Wii shortage is easing, it's still tough to actually get one.

Hoping to shop from the comfort of home, I'd been using Wiialerts. The site specializes in Web stores and repeatedly alerted me to available Wiis, but I could not snag one. So I went back to iTrackr, which emphasizes brick-and-mortar stores and can hunt a number of products. I queried about a Wii, and it told me a local Gamestop store had them.

A quick trip out and I had a Wii, at the suggested retail price of $249.99.

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