Multiple PCs per Consumer Now the Norm

Analysts say cheap ultraportables make household adoption or household ownership passé.


Portables are getting so cheap that we can no longer use traditional measures to predict how many PCs will sell in coming years, say analysts at IDC, a market-tracking firm.

We should no longer look at how many homes are adopting PCs, or even the number of PCs per household, says Bob O'Donnell, vice president for clients and displays.

Instead, we should look at the number of machines per individual.

In other words, I've already got a desktop and a laptop. But I've wanted to buy an Asus Eee, which can be had for $300 or so. Or maybe an HP or Dell version as manufacturers rush to the market with ultraportables.

My takeaway from IDC: I should just buy it and not feel wacko. It's mainstream to own multiple PCs, even multiple portables. Different PCs, different purposes.


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