Vague Seinfeld and Gates Give Way to Diverse Mishmash

Windows campaign enters second phase with ad that emphasizes worldwide diversity.

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Microsoft's ad campaign has quickly moved on from Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld, and none too soon. The early commercials left me more troubled than entertained, much less informed.

The latest commercial goes straight after Apple's "Mac vs. PC" ads. It's at least more to the point, though the Los Angeles Times calls it "still fuzzy."

I call it sad. Sad that Microsoft hasn't come close yet to Apple's marketing wits. The ad tries to buck up Windows by showing it has diverse, worldwide users. I think it does more to reinforce the image problems that dog Windows.

The beauty of the Mac ads is their common theme and focused message. They're also clean and simple, much like the Mac's reputation as a computer.

Microsoft's campaign so far is a jumble. First, obscure ads with Seinfeld and Gates that nobody understood. Now a commercial that is a mishmash of people, images and situations.

Muddled and complicated. Much like how Windows is perceived.

Gates, Bill

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