The Google Phone Is About Open Software

Android software is more open and flexible than the iPhone and BlackBerry.


Critics of the Google phone say it looks too clunky. The HTC hardware does look dated. But it's mostly the software that matters. Google mostly cares about getting its Android software on many devices.

On that point, I thought it revealing when Google cofounder Sergey Brin stood up yesterday and described the phone as a great techie toy. "It's just very exciting for me as a computer geek to...have a phone that I can play with and modify and innovate on."

The software doesn't look as chic as the iPhone's. It doesn't need to be, as John Murrell explains at Good Morning Silicon Valley:

It comes down to closed vs. open. In political terms, the Apple environment is like Singapore, where some freedoms may be ceded in favor of providing a pleasant and orderly experience, and Google, with its Android platform, is like a loud and messy New England town meeting.


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