More Evidence that Blu-ray Is Struggling

New format selling faster, but prices must drop to assure its success.


More on Blu-ray's fate, as BetaNews reports that sales of the high-def disks fell 13 percent in a recent week. While those numbers from Nielsen VideoScan might be dismissed as a one-week hiccup, the trend isn't boffo for Blu-ray.

The format faces growing competition from multiple sources. A slowing economy doesn't help, either.

After vanquishing HD DVD, the new format might double its disk sales this year over 2007. But it will still have only about 5 percent of the market, says Robin Harris in the Storage Bits blog. The only hope to save Blu-ray is to drop the high prices:

Blu-ray's modest quality advantage won't overcome the convenience of electronic delivery. If Hollywood wants to be selling DVDs in 5 years, they need to make Blu-ray an affordable standard.