Sprint Launches High-Speed, Wireless WiMax Service

Baltimore is the first to get next-generation wireless broadband, and at attractive prices, too.


The last we had heard about Sprint's WiMax, it was saved from the grave by Google and other partners. Now, the high-speed wireless network appears to have life, at least one— as Xohm in Baltimore.

Nate Anderson points out at ARS Technica that the Baltimore launch reveals the service's flexible options:

Unlike most other wireless carriers, Sprint is offering a contract-free data service with month-to-month usage or day passes, it allows any applications and devices on its network (including VoIP), and its monthly fee can cover multiple WiMax devices on a single account.

Also interesting is that Sprint is selling the service as an alternative to wired broadband in the home. The purported download speeds of at least 2 Megabits, and a price of $30 a month, would make it a great excuse to kiss the phone and cable companies goodbye.

But reliable, wireless service—and from Sprint? I'd let others be the early adopters.