Studios Seek to Immediately Stop RealDVD Downloads

Hollywood argues court should stop sales of RealNetwork's DVD-copying software.


It didn't take Hollywood studios long to fire their own volley and sue RealNetworks over its DVD-ripping software. A number of us, including Jon Healey at the Los Angeles Times, find it hard to believe that Real can win this one on legal grounds.

But you may not have to rush to get a copy, despite the studios seeking a court order that would immediately shut down RealDVD downloads. It's hard to argue that RealDVD would cause that much harm because of other DVD rippers already in the hands of millions, writes Attorney Fred von Lohman from the Electronic Freedom Foundation.

He also argues Real should win the broader case. He explains that another court has ruled that DVDs can be electronically copied " long as you keep them secure and play them in a software player that complies with the license requirements."