IPhone’s Mishaps Force BlackBerry to be Cautious, Not Bold

Problems connecting on AT&T’s network force extra testing for Bold handset.

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Fans are left waiting for the Bold.
Fans are left waiting for the Bold.

The maker of the BlackBerry phone is suffering these weeks as the market gets impatient waiting for the new Bold handset. As FierceWireless reports, analysts are starting to fret that Research in Motion will fumble the holiday selling season.

RIM is smart to be cautious. With its hold over corporate sales, the BlackBerry can’t take the same chances that the iPhone did in coming to market despite problems connecting on its AT&T network. Let’s face it, the iPhone is more about fun. The connection problem caused a backlash, but iPhone users generally were forgiving about dropped calls and data downloads.

The BlackBerry is more about getting things done. Less room for error.

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