Microsoft Will Sell 'Windows 7.' One Day, Maybe, 'Windows X'?

Next Windows version abandons cute names like XP and Vista for simplicity.

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Maybe Microsoft is learning something. The company has finally decided, none too soon, to try simplicity with the name for its next version of Windows. A company blog post says it will be called "Windows 7."

That's after getting too cute with Windows XP (for "experience") and Vista, which was anything but a good view. Before that, there were the even less smart Windows 98 and 95. Those seemed painfully dated just months after their release.

We have to go all the way back to Windows 3.1 for a time when the company made sense with naming its most important product. Unlike Apple, which has smartly stuck with numbers for its Mac operating systems.

That leaves us to wonder. When it comes to the big version 10 in a few years, doesn't it have to be "Windows X"?


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