Apple Macs, Too, Need Security Blankets

Apple, too quietly, concedes that Windows PCs aren't the only ones at risk


Much chatter today about a report that Apple is recommending that Mac owners use anti-virus software. Many including PCWorld see a piercing of the Apple smugness that its machines were safe from viruses. Others including MacDailyNews point out that the Nov. 21 bulletin was nothing more than a repeat of another from a year ago, so it's hardly news.

Wrong. Apple should quit suggesting publicly the Mac is safe. Safer than Windows, perhaps. But there is no question that Brian Krebs did us a service by unearthing the latest Apple notice and trumpeting it on the Security Fix blog.

Every PC should have anti-malware installed, if for nothing else than increased Web threats. It is hardly a "big to-do about nothing," as a Computer World headline suggests. In the same article, security expert Andrew Storms explains:

...We're not in the old world of viruses, we're in the world where [malware] grabs passwords. It doesn't matter if you have a Mac or a Windows machine; criminals don't care.