Apple Now Says Macs (Maybe) Don't Need Added Security

Company sows confusion by trying to have it both ways


Apple has pulled its bulletin that suggested Mac users should install anti-virus protection. Instead, Apple says the note was "old and inaccurate," adding:

The Mac is designed with built-in technologies that provide protection against malicious software and security threats right out of the box. However, since no system can be 100 percent immune from every threat, running anti-virus software may offer additional protection.

Some are arguing the notice didn't even recommend installing malware protection, including Joe Wilcox at Apple Watch:

Apple didn't say that Mac users should use antivirus software, but instead encouraged their widespread use. The distinction may be lost on some people, but I promise that a technical note like this one was carefully worded.

The distinction is lost because Apple is trying to have it both ways. It wants to appear responsible in acknowledging Macs are vulnerable without acknowledging Macs are vulnerable.