Hybrid Electric Bikes -- Among Best Tech of 2008

Electric motors subtly ease pedaling, taking the sweat out of a biking commute


Hopping on the Giant Twist Freedom DX ($2,000) produces a "wow" moment in technology. An electric motor subtly eases pedaling and automatically disengages when pedaling is stopped. With a range of 70 miles on its rechargeable batteries, the bike can take the sweat out of a two-wheel commute. Less expensive versions are available from Currie Technologies, and a high-style model comes from Pi Mobility.

These stars arrived with breakthrough technology:

Hybrid Electric Bikes
Geotagging Devices
Superthin OLED TV
Extra-Fast Cameras
Tag Reader for Kids

These duds included fumbles and foibles:
The Linkup Online Backup
"I Am Rich" iPhone App
Liquid USB Drive
Bulky Motorola Cellphone