"I Am Rich" -- Among Worst Tech of 2008

Do-nothing iPhone app cost $1,000


A German developer posted a $999.99 application to Apple's new iPhone software store that did nothing but let buyers shout, "I Am Rich," which was its title. The software sold to eight buyers before Apple deleted it from the App Store. Two reportedly got their money back after they said they made the purchase in error. But developer Armin Heinrich stood to pocket $4,200 after Apple took its 30 percent cut.

These stars arrived with breakthrough technology:

Hybrid Electric Bikes
Geotagging Devices
Superthin OLED TV
Extra-Fast Cameras
Tag Reader for Kids

These duds included fumbles and foibles:
The Linkup Online Backup
"I Am Rich" iPhone App
Liquid USB Drive
Bulky Motorola Cellphone