Motorola Z9 -- Among Worst Tech of 2008

Bulky handset with all the heft and little of the power of a smart phone

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2008_12_The Motorola Z9.jpg
The Motorola Z9

Smartphones like the iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Storm have an excuse for being a bit hefty. But the Motorola Z9 shows that some manufacturers continue to churn out handsets with more brawn than brains. The device is as big as or bigger than full-featured smartphones but offers little more than smaller, equally powerful handsets. Others also sell for considerably less than the $100 charged by AT&T for the Z9, after rebate and with contract.

These stars arrived with breakthrough technology:

Hybrid Electric Bikes
Geotagging Devices
Superthin OLED TV
Extra-Fast Cameras
Tag Reader for Kids

These duds included fumbles and foibles:
The Linkup Online Backup
"I Am Rich" iPhone App
Liquid USB Drive
Bulky Motorola Cellphone