Tag Reader -- Among Best Tech of 2008

Pen reads aloud to kids using innovative dot-covered paper


The Leapfrog Tag Reading System ($50) is a penlike stylus that reads aloud from children's books, either the whole story or a word at a time. Tapping pictures adds dialogue and songs, and bonus games help keep kids engaged. The system uses paper covered with tiny dots to know where the pen is focused. The Pulse Smartpen from Livescribe ($150) uses the same dot system, sort of in reverse. It records audio as the pen writes notes. Tapping t

These stars arrived with breakthrough technology:

Hybrid Electric Bikes
Geotagging Devices
Superthin OLED TV
Extra-Fast Cameras
Tag Reader for Kids

These duds included fumbles and foibles:
The Linkup Online Backup
"I Am Rich" iPhone App
Liquid USB Drive
Bulky Motorola Cellphone