The Linkup -- Among Worst Tech of 2008

Online service's failure is a reminder that everyone needs multiple data backups


The failure of the Linkup service is a warning that no single backup is enough protection for valuable data. Once called Streamload and then MediaMax, the service offered free and paid accounts for storing digital media. But a botched transfer committed the cardinal sin of deleting user files, and then the company went out of business. Honorable mention to Apple's MobileMe for also losing user data in its messy rollout, but at least the company stuck around to apologize.

These stars arrived with breakthrough technology:

Hybrid Electric Bikes
Geotagging Devices
Superthin OLED TV
Extra-Fast Cameras
Tag Reader for Kids

These duds included fumbles and foibles:
The Linkup Online Backup
"I Am Rich" iPhone App
Liquid USB Drive
Bulky Motorola Cellphone