Jobs Skipping What is to be Apple's Last Macword

Move raises questions about Jobs' future at company

Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Apple stirred the pot by announcing that Steve Jobs would not make this year's keynote speech at the annual Macworld trade show. His status had been among the rumors beginning to swirl around the speech, which is when Jobs has so dramatically unveiled new products such as the iMac and iPhone.

The news is already raising questions about Jobs, his health and his future at Apple. The company said it will send another exec to Macworld, adding that it will be its last as "trade shows have become a very minor part of how Apple reaches its customers."

Sure, as Apple points out, its Website and stores help it connect with customers. But there has been no louder bullhorn for Apple than the Jobs speech. The market thinks something is up, sending Apple's stock down nearly 6 percent in after-hours trading.