Vudu Links to Web Content

Service moves beyond pay-per-view movies to include Web content


I took a look last night at new offerings on Vudu, which has opened itself to Web content. The links to Web content add to the pay-per-view movies that Vudu has offered on its $300 box.

There isn't much that's compelling yet. It was fun getting YouTube videos on the big screen, though of course they don't look as good as the high-quality movies that Vudu sells. There are also links to services like Picasa and Flickr for plastering your photos across the big screen TV. But most of the offerings are short clips -- including a number from National Geographic, PBS and news shows.

The so-called "movies" channel didn't even have any flicks, just shorts about movies. And we shouldn't expect much in the way of commercial movies or TV, as John Falcone explains at CNet's Crave:

...most network TV shows--full TV episodes available from Hulu, NBC, ABC, Fox, and CNET owner CBS--are currently housed in proprietary players that require a full Web browser or some sort of contractual arrangement, taking them off the table, at least for now.

Vudu says that the news is that the link to Web content exists at all. The company is opening the platform to other developers and calls this an early peek. Even the section's name is all about promise for later: "Vudu Labs."