Readers: BlackBerry Storm a Worthy Competitor to Apple iPhone

Updates are calming Storm's seas, although the iPhone remains the easier smart phone to learn

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Readers have responded with a raft of thoughtful comments on a recent report critical of the BlackBerry Storm's initial launch, at least compared to Apple's iPhone.

A number noted that a recent software update appears to have eased problems with the Storm. Still, says Prasad from Calif.:

[Overall] the timing was not right in the first place - releasing with bugs and app store not in place - bad timing - wake up RIM managers.

Many concede that the iPhone is simpler to learn. But DS from Fla. says the learning curve is worth it for key Storm capabilities that the iPhone lacks:

There is no question that the iPhone is the easiest smart phone to use - you just know how to use it the very first time you pick one up. initial investment of a day or two as to how to use the Storm will pay off. There are so many advantages to the Storm in terms of functionality: edit word/excel documents, cut and paste, background processes, no application "police" (they way Apple controls what apps you can install), legendary RIM corporate support, removable battery, memory slot, picture messages, etc.

Others complained they had trouble finding a Storm to buy. That alone suggests the phone is more successful than surveys are showing, says James of Ala.:

I'm sure RIM is sick with worry. They can't build them fast enough to meet the demand. I have had a Storm for about three weeks and I am quite pleased with it. It is the best offering I have had from [Verizon] out of the 5 smart phones I have had. Like any smartphone, it is not for everyone.

That last thought was echoed by others, including Ric from Md.:

Comparing the Storm and iPhone is apples and oranges. My children have iPhones and love them. I have a Storm and love it. Choose based on your use.... I prefer the overall balance of features and glitches with the Storm to the iPhone (including removeable battery, 8G SD memory, 3.5 Mp camera with flash, etc.) but my adult children also love their iPhones - so go with what makes you personally happy. Storm works for me.