Clogged Servers Delay Videos From Popular Flips

Christmas rush meant some videos didn't get posted for days

The Flip Mino recharges through its USB port.
The Flip Mino recharges through its USB port.

Popularity has its price. Servers for sharing videos from the fast-selling Flip camcorders choked on Christmas clips, delaying the delivery of some for several days.

I know because I hit "send" repeatedly on Christmas morning, and nothing arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I finally resorted to an upload to YouTube. It wasn't until Sunday that a flood of the original links arrived, one for each of the fruitless launches three days earlier.

A spokeswoman for the Flip's maker, Pure Digital, acknowledged today the company's servers "were strained for a short period." She added that the problem is resolved. "I guess there was a surge in video sharing over the holidays."

Maybe just a burp, but still a disappointing one for the Flip, whose whole pitch is simplicity in sharing videos.