Apple Fans Relieved that Jobs Illness is Treatable

But anger lingers over Jobs' reluctance to discuss his condition

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Now we know that not only was Steve Jobs actually losing weight, but it was due to what he describes as a treatable medical condition. Before today, the Apple CEO refused to even acknowledge weight loss. His hand was forced by a whirl of speculation after the company said he wouldn't appear at this week's Macworld trade conference.

Early reactions seem to depend on how big an Apple fan the blogger is. This from the Unofficial Apple Weblog:

Who says Apple doesn't listen? More to the point, who says Steve Jobs isn't aware of the rumors?... Steve's no dummy. I applaud him taking this time to be with his family, and I'm personally quite happy to hear his weight loss appears to stem from a rather strange but reversible affair.

Investment writers were less charitable to Jobs. Apple's stock was up about 4 percent this morning, less than the 7 percent it lost after Apple said Jobs wouldn't make his usual speech at Macworld. Notes Blogging Stocks:

After several blogs reported last week that Jobs, who has battled pancreatic cancer, was ill again, the mercurial executive decided to come clean...At least, sort of.

The disclosure is nothing short of extraordinary...Under Jobs' direction, Apple keeps a tighter lid on information than the CIA. But even Apple cannot isolate itself from public opinion.

Shareholders can relax knowing that the visionary who lead the company to greatness is still in charge. At least for now.