PC Keyboards Get a Makeover

LCD screens, and even whole computers, get installed onto the lowly keyboard

The gaming keyboard will ship in March

Dave at CES: The lowly PC keyboard is getting an upgrade this year. Gadget maker Logitech has added a small LCD to one of its keyboards that acts as a separate screen, while Asus is plugging a whole computer into the back of a keyboard.

The Logitech screen is small, about the size of an LCD on a common cellphone. But that's enough to be a display for videoconferencing or data for gamers. At $200, Logitech is aiming this keyboard right at high-end gamers who want every advantage at their PC.

The Asus Eee Keyboard includes a larger, 5-inch display. It also packs a full computer running Windows XP. It's basically one of the company's netbooks squeezed into a keyboard. The company hopes to release it later this year but isn't talking price yet.