SanDisk Wants Us to Push Their Backup Button

USB drives come with button for backing up PC data


Our refusal to back up our PCs also caught the attention of SanDisk, which is launching USB drives with a push-button for saving data. It's another effort by SanDisk to find a new use for the memory chips it makes.

This one doesn't seem a big winner. But there might be a market in people who already rely on USB drives for crucial files. Like a friend of mine, a non-techie who's always baffled by backup software and manually copies a few files to a thumb drive.

SanDisk's concept borrows from external hard drives, which come loaded with software that is invoked with a button on the drive. Smaller USB drives seem awkward for reliable backup. They are more portable, so maybe it's good for someone who wants to routinely haul a number of files with them. Even then, it depends on the software, which I haven't seen, and how easy and reliable it is to use.