Wireless Charging Pops Up Across CES

Cable-free juice is finally arriving and looks as cool as it first sounded

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A bedside PowerMat will include an alarm clock

Dave at CES: The promise that the upcoming Palm Pre can get juiced wirelessly underscored that cable-free power is finally arriving.

After years of talk, a number of companies are displaying wireless charging systems that actually work, or at least appear to. Slap a cellphone down on a special spot, and it comes away fully juiced.

At least that's the promise. We should finally know this year. A company called PowerMat is showing numerous consumer gizmos getting power from, well, powermats. The charging is supposedly as fast as the conventional cables.

PowerMat is promising they'll be on sale sometime in 2009. The mat for $100, plus $30 or $40 for each device adapter.

Leggett & Platt is also displaying its system, which it says is more flexible. It can charge larger devices, with power tools being an early target market. But the Energizer battery company is using the same tech in products aimed more at consumers.