Casio Jams High-Speed Feature Into Compact Cameras

Pocket-size cameras can capture 1,000 frames per second for super slow-motion

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I didn't cotton to Casio's Dynamic Photography introduced at this year's CES. But the company deserves credit for getting its super high-speed feature into smaller, more-affordable cameras.

New models starting at $350 will be able to capture a burst of 30 frames per second of high-resolution still pictures. Even rank amateurs can get the exact shot they want. The cameras can also capture an astounding 1,000 frames per second of video at lower, but still-good quality.

Those rates are slower than the original 60 fps and 1,200 fps that could be captured by the original model, the EX-F1 that was introduced last year at $1,000. But the new cameras are not only more affordable, they are compact. One is in the credit-card size that Casio pioneered. That's amazing power in a pocket.