Blockbuster Signs Up Sonic to Compete With Netflix Streams

Retail rental chain had fallen behind Netflix's online offerings


Having fallen behind archrival Netflix's online offerings, the Blockbuster retail chain went and found a tech-savvy teammate to get itself quickly into the stream. In turn, Sonic Solutions gets a high-profile brand in its efforts to set up end-to-end digital delivery systems.

Blockbuster said Sonic will help get its movie and TV titles onto a wide variety of devices, from Blu-ray disk players to Web-connected TVs and wireless handsets. The companies don't mention it, but seems logical that we'd soon be able to download Blockbuster movies and burn them to our own DVDs through Sonic's Qflix system.

Blockbuster has stumbled trying to catch up with Netflix streaming. The subscription service is already on a variety of Blu-ray players, TVs and other devices. Blockbuster recently released a device to connect its on-demand service to TVs. It was so bug-ridden that blogger Dave Zatz tossed it in his closet (thanks NewTeeVee).