Maybe It's Time to Cut Apple and Jobs Some Slack

The company could've been more forthcoming. But maybe there hasn't been much that's definitive.

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There has been much criticism in recent months about how Apple has handled reports about Steve Jobs' health. Maybe some is deserved, as suggesting that Jobs wouldn't be speaking at the Macworld trade show because of simple business reasons. Only later did Jobs reveal that he had a medical issue that was forcing him to cut back his role at the company.

Lots of folks have suggested the CEO might have lied. That he purposely misled investors. They'll probably take today's news that Jobs is taking a medical leave as proof that Jobs hasn't come clean, as does Joe Wilcox at Apple Watch:

It's time for Apple's board to cut the BS and do the right thing. There needs to be clear disclosure about what's ailing Steve, realistic likelihood of return and contingency plan for transition to a new leadership team—possibly well ahead of June. What if he can't return, which absolutely is my expectation?

What if there is no clear disclosure to be made? This is a health issue, and it's looking like it is a complicated one. Haven't most of us personally known someone fighting a serious and sometimes puzzling ailment?

There is no company more tied to the personality of its CEO than Apple. That CEO has had serious health problems. Shareholders have known those facts. Maybe they could've and should've known more. But all in all, they get little sympathy from me.

Jobs does. I wish him well.