Many Still Want Apple CEO's Scalp, or Pancreas, or Liver

Why is anyone surprised the master of secrets is keeping his health concerns to himself?


Day 3: The Web is still filled with calls for Steve Jobs's scalp, saying the Apple CEO hasn't been forthcoming about his health problems. Bloomberg went in a different direction, calling yesterday for his pancreas. Or today it's his liver, saying Jobs is considering a liver transplant.

I'm surprised that anyone is surprised by the mystery. Jobs has turned corporate secrets into an art form. His ability to launch surprises is central to his marketing genius. Apple has vigorously pursued anyone who leaked its secrets.

No one should expect Jobs to be forthcoming about the most intimate of confidences -- one's health. I'm sure he's getting focused legal advice about what he has to reveal. Which isn't much, apparently.

Sam Diaz at CNet's Between the Lines had one of the more reasoned discussions about privacy versus the public's right to know. He also has an ongoing poll, where Jobs' right to privacy is endorsed more than 7-to-1.