Relax: Digital TV Now Looks Certain to be Delayed

Industry opposition melts except for Qualcomm's quixotic appeal for cellphone TV


There is little question now that the digital TV deadline will get delayed. Instead of Feb. 17, broadcast stations will have until June 12 under the leading proposal in Congress.

Congress seems anxious for the delay, President Obama has supported it, and the few pockets of industry opposition are melting. Telecom giant Verizon reversed itself and now supports the date change. Verizon won an auction for some of the spectrum that will be freed by moving TV broadcasts to more efficient digital signals.

One opponent remains in Qualcomm, which had bought some of the spectrum for its MediaFlo system that transmits TV to cellphones. This from Qualcomm (via Wireless and Mobile News):

These new transmitters will allow Qualcomm to launch MediaFLO in approximately 15 major markets across the country and to expand the existing MediaFLO coverage footprint in approximately 25 other markets. These new transmitters will enable Qualcomm to bring the MediaFLO service to over 40 million people who are not served today

Does anyone care? TV on cellphones has been slow to take off in this country. So it seems highly unlikely that Qualcomm has much leverag to stall this stall.