Nearly Half of HDTV Owners Aren't Watching HDTV

Confusion keeps many watching standard TV, which looks worse on an HD set

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A lot of baffled HDTV owners: About 44 percent, or nearly half, of the HDTV owners aren't watching HDTV.

Seems amazing, doesn't it? That is, of more than 39 million U.S. homes with installed HD sets, only about 22 million of them are getting high-def programming, says Mike Paxton at In-Stat.

Maybe a few of them choose not to pay for the HD channels from cable or satellite. They could at least attach a cheap antenna and get free high-def broadcasts. But most are just confused. I know because I routinely help friends and neighbors find HDTV, which is located on different cable or broadcast channels from the SD content they've been watching.

To make things worse, standard TV usually looks worse on an HDTV. That's a lot of disappointed viewers.